Property constraints – for landholders

Landholders have a tough time trying to navigate the numerous and ever changing environmental regulations imposed by the three levels of government.  For those interested in purchasing property, this is certainly not something your real estate agent will know of, or be likely advise you of, when sealing the deal!

State regulated ecological features which will commonly occur on a property (often unbeknownst to the landowner) include:

  • remnant vegetation under the Vegetation Management Act 1999;
  • Koalas, which are protected under the South East Queensland Koala Conservation State Planning Regulatory Provisions 2010;
  • coastal values and hazards under the Queensland Coastal Plan;
  • waterways and watercourses which can require approval for certain types of works under theFisheries Act 1994 or the Water Act 2000; and
  • threatened species which are known or suspected to occur in the vicinity of your property.

Queensland Ecologists offer a simple and affordable way to determine which ecological constraints and ecological values are recognised on your property by preparing a property-based Ecological Constraints and Values Report.  This desktop assessment will assist you in determining whether your land is constrained by environmental regulations, or whether your intended property purchase is a winner or a dud.  You’ll also receive an indication of the threatened flora and fauna species likely to live in the area, or indeed reside on your land, and guidance on other ecological values which warrant protecting in the management of your land.

Contact Queensland Ecologists for more information.